Build better web apps, faster.

Henry Poydar

Hi, I’m Henry Poydar. In addition to running 8012 Labs, I help web application product teams organize their codebases and implement proven development and deployment practices.

All of the work I do with teams optimizes for development velocity, quality, efficient product management, performance, and continuous delivery.

My background

I’ve been successfully building and deploying web applications for 20 years, including production apps serving millions of users. Along the way I’ve worked with and lead teams of all stripes, from startups to product teams at publicly-traded corporations.

One size does not fit all

Teams like working with me because I take a pragmatic and diplomatic approach that involves a deep dive into your app domain and team processes. Software is complex and your application is unique.

However, over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t (mostly the hard way), and I’ll help you leverage and integrate that experience into the day-to-day development and delivery of your web product.

Targeted help

I only work with one or two teams at a time, so you’ll be working directly with me. If you’re interested, let’s get in touch!